My 3 Go To Products for DIY Manicures for Less than $20 (& lasts 7 days min!)

Over the years, I have gotten very good at doing my own nails. Trying to find the time is not easy. And a manicure 2/month adds up!

At Home Manicure,
Here are my go to products that gives me minimum 7 days of gorgeous nails. I can stretch it to 10 days if needed!

1. OPI Base Coat: Base coat is key. It allows the polish to adhere and last. I swipe a thin layer on my nails and move on.

Here is a set on Amazon that is cheaper than the retail stores and is both the base and top coat.

2. OPI or ESSIE Nail Polish: I am bourgeois when it comes to polish. I have tried other brands and keep coming back to these 2 brands. I love the colors, quality and the names of the polish colors make me smile.
When I apply coats, I make sure there is enough polish on both sides of the brush, but not too much. I apply 2 thin coats and let the polish dry for a minute in between coats.

This is the color I am wearing. This color looks good on all skin tones. I love it for the fall/winter and whenever I want to rock it out.

3. OPI Top Coat: This is key. It keeps the polish shiny and nick free. After a few minutes I run my nails under cold water to help dry them faster.

If I get a smudge, I go over it with the top coat and it takes care of it! If it is a nick, I will apply a thin coat of polish over the spot, then paint the nail again. Or – add a sparkle polish to the nicked nail and roll with it!

To maximize the shine, apply a top coat every few days to keep your nails looking ah-mazing.

What are your Beauty DIY tips?

Until next time!

Stay STYLE-ish!


Indrani Phillips

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