6 Reasons Why You Should Hire an Interior Designer/Stager

1. You Can Save Money:

It may sound strange, but hiring a designer can help you to avoid costly mistakes that will not only help you save money but can increase the value of your home.  I’ve had clients that bought pieces that were “great deals”, but they had to be discarded because they did not fit into the new space.

In this master bath, we reused the cabinets, mirror and lighting. By replacing the countertops, sink, hardware and building a custom frame around the mirror, maximized the budget while delivering on the client’s vision.

Master Bath Remodel

2. Leverage their Large Network and Resources:

Designers have connections and resources at a discount that is not available to the general public. Some designers will share their discount with their clients to create a win/win for all parties.

In this industrial chic loft, we leveraged my network at Restoration Hardware to get these bar stools for 75% off!

Industrial Chic

3. Utilize their Experience:

A designer can give you a professional assessment and recommendations based on your space, style and budget. A designer offers valuable experience to guide their client. A designer can help you define your style, re-purpose existing pieces to create your signature look.

During our complimentary consultation, one of my client’s biggest issue was the darkness of their condo. I recommended opening up the wall between the kitchen and dining to bring in light. We used the existing cabinets and redesigned the cabinet layout to create more space and be able require only one granite slab. I was able to deliver on client needs, maximize the current pieces that worked and redesign to build in efficiency and use less resources to stay within their budget!

Kitchen Remodel

4. Streamline the Design Process:

Let’s face it. The process of designing a space can be daunting. There are many factors to consider. From space planning to curating a custom space for your needs, an interior designer can streamline the process and make it enjoyable! (Yes, really. Read this review.)

This bedroom was a blend between rustic, industrial and a touch of madmen inspiration. Once I presented my client with the inspiration board, all he had to do was sign off, and within 10 days, the room was complete with a custom headboard by Salvaged Soul (an amazing carpenter), lighting, upcycled nightstand, and a pop of color in the rug. I sorted through his art to find ones that would fit with the space.

Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 8.57.02 PM

5. Increase Your Worth:

A good interior designer will be able to increase your home value, which increases your worth! Did you know staging and strategy upgrades to your home can speed up the sale of your home and get more money for it!

Bathrooms and Kitchen remodels are mandatory to increasing your home value. In this remodel (this is our home) I was able to leverage my network, increase the efficiency of the space, while adding decadence! Our bathroom is now called the “game changer”.

Rustic Chic Bathroom

6. Add a Pop:

There are so many amazing pieces out there. We are bombarded by the internet and retailers with gorgeous pieces. Sometimes we want it all!! The problem we have is not knowing what to choose. And when we buy it all, it can actually clutter and cheapen the look. Interior Designers are phenomenal with finding those statement pieces that will that special pop to customize and pull the space together.

Chandelier Glam